quinn salas


Bookworm Website Homepage


I created Bookworm as a way to discover new books and read more. I learned a lot about Jest and Enzyme, and achieved perfect performance and accessibility scores in Google Lighthouse.

TDD, React, React Router, Jest, Enzyme, styled-components, and the Google Books API

Personal Project, 2019

Find Website Homepage


I collaborated with three classmates to create Find, a website which connects students to jobs in tech. I designed and developed the UI, and our team was awarded for Best Presentation.

React, Python, Flask, styled-components, Heroku, and a few cool APIs

Team Lead, Group Project, 2018

Stomping Grounds Cafe Website Homepage

Stomping Grounds Cafe Website

My favorite coffee shop didn't have a website. So I used Figma, mobile-first design principles and CSS Grid to design and develop one!

React, Sass, and the Google Maps API

Personal Project, 2018

Firefox Developer Tools Console

Firefox Developer Tools

I used CSS to improve icon accessibility in the debugger tab. I also triaged and closed a few documentation issues. I learned a lot about contributing to a large, unfamiliar codebase and it was a lot of fun!

CSS, React, Redux

Open Source Contributor, 2018

Using Emojigit in VS Code


VS Code Extension that adds emoji to git commits. 1500+ downloads. I improved the docs to include installation instructions for MacOS users. This was my very first Open Source Contribution! 🎉

HTML, CSS, JavaScript

Open Source Contributor, 2018